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Persidangan Nasional, Khusus untuk Anak Muda


As one of the representatives, you will attend workshops covering a range of topics. This exciting opportunity will provide you with the opportunity to learn about parliamentary processes, be educated on policy analysis and be exposed to multiple issues so you can develop effective arguments through parliamentary debate simulations.

You will also able to showcase your oratory skills in two ways during this 2-year programme. Having produced your own policy responses and programmes relevant to specific ministries, you will be able to debate and discuss them in two ways


Kabinet Muda Malaysia is a significant component of the programme. You'll be given the opportunity to research policies and ideas pertinent to current issues. Here, you have the space to learn and freely debate or discuss policy suggestions and initiatives created based on your own research, workshop learnings and roundtable discussions. Undi18 will also assign a subject matter expert to mentor and guide your discussions throughout the programmes.

Roundtable discussions


You will get the opportunity to organize and participate in roundtable discussions surrounding pertinent issues with policymakers, beneficiaries and activists on the different aspects of policymaking. During these discussions, you will be able to build networks, collect resources and consult with experts among our strategic partners who are made up of various think tanks, foundations, NGOs and industries.

white paper

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White papers are going to be the groundwork of your policy initiatives. Here at Dewan Muda, we believe that you should have the opportunity to study and understand your community extensively. You are expected to develop a policy project collaboratively with others in order to solve or address issues of your own choosing. These policy initiatives will target specific governmental agencies and ministries to work with, so you will be sorted into 22 key ministries/working committees based on your interest and expertise to develop these policy initiatives.

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kabinet muda malaysia

Ministry of Education

This ministry will be responsible for the education system, compulsory education, pre-tertiary education, technical and many more.

The health ministry oversees and manages the healthcare standards for the people through formulated policies such as the public healthcare system.

Ministry of Health

ministry of Finance & Economics

The ministry is in charge of developing economic policy, government expenditure and preparing the federal budget.

ministry of Energy and Climate Change

To prevent, eliminate, control pollution and improve the environment. It is also responsible for the implementation of the resolutions decided by the conventions of the international environment.

ministry of Agriculture

To lead the transformation processes in the agricultural sector in a planned and integrated manner.

ministry of Defence

Responsible in preserving Malaysia's sovereignty, interests and strategic rights towards creating a peaceful and prosperous regional environment.

ministry of Unity

To create communication and interaction platforms between isolated communities as well as monitoring threats of violence, audit policies for segregation and ensure harmony for all Malaysian citizens.

ministry of Children & Youth

The ministry supports youths and adolescents by integrating the needs, support and implement equitable access through development programmes.

ministry of Labour & Human Resources

This ministry is responsible for skills development, labour, occupational safety and health, protection of workers, trade unions, industrial relations, industrial court, labour market information and analysis, social security.

ministry of International Trade

Responsible for supervising trade activities carried out by Malaysia at the international level such as imports and exports as well as coordinating the country's industrial activities and policies.

ministry of Culture & Tourism

To focus on developing Malaysia as a world class tourist and cultural destination, as well as building the national identity based on arts, culture and heritage.

ministry of Transportation

Provide safe, efficient and sustainable transportation services throughout Malaysia to improve the quality of life and support a competitive economy.

ministry of Justice & Human Rights

The ministry advances access to justice, the rule of law, the economy and society through policy, law and services.

ministry of Housing and Local Development‎

Realizing shared prosperity through livable housing, sustainable municipal services and effective fire services; thus, improving the quality of life of the people

ministry of Arts & Sports

Responsible for providing Arts and Sports development programs in order to provide the best contribution towards building a nation that excels in various fields and enhancing the development of the younger generation.

ministry of Rural Development 

The ministry's intention is to ensure that rural communities have access to infrastructure and social facilities comparable to urban areas.

ministry of Foreign Affairs

The main task of this ministry is to implement foreign policy and be aware of changes in the environment of world affairs and be able to respond effectively to ensure that the sovereignty and interests of Malaysia are properly protected.

ministry of Entrepreneurship & Commerce

The role of this ministry together with its departments and agencies is to plan, coordinate, implement and monitor entrepreneurial development programs.

ministry of Science & Innovation

The ministry is responsible for coordinating and directing efforts to initiate and launch scientific and technological programs and increase projects efforts to strengthen the technological institutions.

ministry of Interior Affairs

Responsible for the nation's internal interests and security including security and public order, volunteer management, immigration and foreign worker affairs.

ministry of Communications and Multimedia

The ministry is the main role as a government information management and public relations agency as well as a generator and disseminator of authentic, recent news and information to Malaysians and the international community.

ministry of Indigenous Affairs

To promote collaboration and coordination across ministries on Indigenous policy and programs in partnership with Orang Asli and Orang Asal, as well as enhancing the government awareness of Indigenous people.

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Comms n Multimedia
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