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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dewan Muda Malaysia?

Dewan Muda Malaysia (DMM), a 2-year parliamentary programme in collaboration with UNICEF Malaysia, aims to gather 222 youth representatives from all across Malaysia to be clustered into selected ministries/working groups focusing on economics, health, education, environment as well as youth.

Is this programme still open for applications?

Yes, this programme is still open for applications until 20 June 2021.

What do we do in the programme?

You will undergo monthly educational and capacity-building training to improve your understanding of the parliamentary system, policy analysis, and to develop effective arguments as well as debating skills. You will be able to showcase your skills in the virtual parliament sittings, produce policy responses and develop your own programs relevant to your specified ministries/working groups.

Can I apply for this programme even if I have 

no experience in advocacy or governance?

Yes, we encourage people who are interested in the programme even if they don't have the experience!

What is the selection criteria?

We're looking for Malaysian youths who can articulate the problems they're hoping to solve, youths are clear in their visions/aspirations for Malaysia and their local constituency.

What are some of the important dates?

The deadline to register for Dewan Muda Malaysia is 20 June 2021 and we will be able to inform you if you are shortlisted before 28 June 2021.

In the meantime, please block 3 July 2021 for the launch of Dewan Muda Malaysia!


What are some of the topics of the workshops?

Here are a few of the workshops that's been tentatively planned:

- Introduction to Public Policy

- Introduction to National Budget

- Road to Reform: Why Students Revolt

- Parliamentary Select Committees

- Ecological Fiscal Transfer

- & many more!

How many workshops are there overall?

Representatives of Dewan Muda Malaysia will attend 2 compulsory classes and 2 elective classes per term over the two years. Each term is defined by 6 months each. Compulsory workshops will cover core topics of policymaking, parliamentary processes and advocacy. Elective workshops will cover focused policy topics.

When will the workshops usually be held?

Workshop dates are still tentative, participants will be informed a minimum of 3 weeks before - usually will be held on weekends.


How many do I have to attend?

Participants may miss a maximum of 3 workshops throughout the 2 years. Written permission must be obtained by Undi18.

What platforms are used in DMM?

Dewan Muda Malaysia will be using Zoom, Discord and once you have been selected as a Representative, you will have your own exclusive account on the Dewan Muda Malaysia website.

Can I apply if I turn 30 this year?

Yes! We welcome anyone who is thirty at the time of the application.

Do you have to physically be in Malaysia to attend the programme?

You do not have to physically be in Malaysia to attend Dewan Muda since it is a virtual programme.

Is it suitable for full time students?

Yes! It is suitable for full time students. There will only be 10 compulsory workshops with countless of elective workshops over the two years.

Should the problems that happen in specific constituencies be covered in the essay section and must it reflect the chosen ministries in the application?

Problems in your constituency does not have to be related to your chosen ministry, but it is encouraged!

If I work or attend school in KL but I am from Terengganu, can I still represent Terengganu as my constituency?

Yes! You can, you may represent the area or constituency that you were either born, live or attend work/school at.

Are these workshops open to public?

Selected workshops will be open to the public, but most of the workshops are exclusive to the participants only.

If I think my previous application is not good enough, can I resubmit another application?

You cannot resubmit an application but you can edit your previous answer by going back to the Google Form and clicking 'edit form.'

Will only 1 person be selected for each constituency ?

Similar to the parliamentary setting, only 1 person will be selected for each constituency

How will the application will be processed?

Your application will be processed by the quality of your essays in the application form.

Are there any application or programme fees?

No, don't worry! This programme is free throughout it's two-year duration.

What happened if I apply to a ministry that doesn't really concern my constituency but passionate about?

There’s no problem if you apply for a ministry that you are passionate in!

Do we need specific background to apply for respective ministries?

You do not need specific background to apply for any ministries, don't worry!

When will we be notified on our results?

All applications of candidates will be notified through an email regardless of the results by the 28th of June, 2021.

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